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Looking forward to 2023 - Mother Nature must cooperate though!

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WBLL 2023 - Commissioner's Blog

Updates straight from the source, the Whitesboro Little League Commissioner.

*** Playoff Recaps (6/10/23 thru 6/19/23)

June 19th, 2023


Seeding Update:

1 - Stewart's 

2 - Pauly's

3 - Vets

4 - Fire Dept.

5 - Chapman

6 - Legion

7 - Hess


Fire Dept. (16) vs. Chapman (6)   -   6/10/23

Vets (10) vs. Legion (0)   -   6/10/23

Pauly's (13) vs. Hess (2)   -   6/10/23


SemiFinal Rounds

Stewarts (8) vs. Fire Dept. (10)   -   6/13/23

Pauly's (7) vs. Vets (2)   -   6/13/23



Pauly's (2) vs. Fire Dept. (5)   -   6/19/23

Fire Dept. Wins the Championship!


Posted June 19th, 2023 by Michael DiBrango.